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Original reclaimed oak boards

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When authentic and original reclaimed oak flooring with original patins is required, we can offer the very best quality. Reclaimed oak boards have all the history and wear to make a floor look truly expressive and fitting.

Laying an old oak floor can create may different results, smooth and polished or a washed out, weathered look. Colours can vary from almost black, through a whole range of browns to a silvery sheen.

Examples of finishes
of reclaimed oak boards

Originale Oberflächen von historischen Brettern

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For ease of ordering we have sorted and photographed our whole range of reclaimed oak boards and oak floors.

Our typical stock
of reclaimed oak boards

The boards are brushed and the nails pulled out. We treat the reclaimed boards with special care in order to preserve the historical patina. The boards have clean sawn ends and the sides where appropriate, a healthy trim. We are also able to offer you further processing steps, from trimming, planing, cutting to length, to assembling of pre-finished flooring.

Please ask us if you would like a sample.

Our products
from reclaimed oak boards:

Original reclaimed oak boards from the attic

These boards are a specialty of our region. The come from the attic or loft of houses are lie on a timber frame. They date back to the building of the farm house and create a platform where hay, straw and grain were stored. These boards were, for the most part, very loosely arranged because there was no need for an even and secure floor. After the boards were initially sawn from the tree, they were often trimmed, bilateral fluted and blind tongues were laid between the flutes. They were not always tongue and groove. In the most simplest cases, the untrimmed boards were used as a crude kind of flooring where a second layer of boards overlapped and covered any gaps of the first layer underneath. In Germany it is called «Boden-Deckel-Schalung» and is often used for cladding.

Typically these attic boards have a dark staining in warm shades of brown which have come from a natural aging process of 100 - 200 years and in some cases, 300 years. The colour produced by age and history, penetrates deep into the board. This is can easily be seen in a cross-section. The darkest parts are often 10 mm thick. The colour will not fade even with a lot of wear and tear.

Attic boards are ideal for planking, paneling, ceiling lining, shelves, desk tops, or for furniture restoration. Attic boards are made of high-quality timber, but there do not appear as modern, faultless timber.

Generally we have more than 1,000 square metres of these boards in stock; brushed, de-nailed and trimmed. The boards are up to 50 cm wide, up to 600 cm long and 20 to 50 mm thick. In addition we always stock smaller planed boards whose surface is no longer in it's original patinated condition.

Our attic boards can be supplied in all stages of processing. You can pick out your goods from our extensive inventory, but we will gladly continue any further processing until you have your desired product.

Prices per square metre from

net price € 60 plus € 11.40 VAT: gross price € 71.40

External cladding boards

Surface and patina vary greatly depending upon age, origin and exposure. Our reclaimed cladding boards are particularly suitable for replacing damaged timber and restorations, but also for interior decoration, furniture construction, storage construction, or generally for decorative purposes.

Here we would like to make an exception to our rule «All aspects of Oak» as we offer cladding boards from other types of timber. In particular from spruce, fir, pine or beech with its strong silver patina are very attractive and all have high design potential.

Form and technical quality of the external cladding is also very different. We will help you to select appropriate boards and make sure they are prepared accordingly.

Prices per square metre from

net price € 40 plus € 7.60 VAT: gross price € 47.40

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