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Reclaimed oak timber

Reclaimed oak timber


We strive to keep a large quantity of oak beams and boards in stock at any one time so we can always be the first port of call for our customers. The high standard of our oak is kept in check through well managed buying and careful sorting afterwards. Processing our timber involves de-nailing, cutting to size, shaping, trimming, drying and milling. We can supply timber as carefully cleaned green oak, or at any further stage up to fully processed and complete for installation.

From it's arrival in our yard to the day it leaves us, our timber is handled by trained carpenters. The secret of our success is their experience and ability to pick and choose the correct timber for any project. The provenance of antique and reclaimed timber is of particular importance to us and we make sure we can track our timber through every stage of processing.

Examples of surfaces
of oak timber

reclaimed oak timber we can deliver

The stages of development can be seen in these photographs, showing every process the reclaimed oak timber goes through. Each stage is carried out at our yard and can be seen when you visit.

Our typical stock
of reclaimed oak timber

Our oak timber is air dried and stacked in tailor-made storage. We pack all our timber and use forklifts to load up trucks. Each piece of timber is marked with a paper note showing it's size. Timber will be chosen according to what is in stock, for example if you order boards with a length of 125 cm we will probably provide boards with a length of 125 cm to 140 cm.

Our products
from antique oak timber

Antique Oak timber

Oak timber >>

We keep in stock reclaimed oak timber for load-bearing usage in restoration or for new buildings: Truss stands and stems, columns, ties, top plates, overhead beams, rafters, etc. It is also possible to get oak timber for decorative purposes.

Re-sawn antique oak: veneers, shelves, planks and timber beams

Re-sawn antique oak: veneers, shelves, planks and timber beams >>

We supply a range of products made from re-sawn reclaimed oak with a long band saw: veneer sheets, shelves, planks and timber beams.

Original antique oak boards

Original antique oak boards >>

Kept just as they were found, where they were laid for decades or even centuries in the houses of Northern Germany, our attic oak boards can be supplied as they come, or sorted according to your wishes. These can also be used for external cladding.

Reclaimed oak floor ready to lay

Reclaimed oak floor ready to lay >>

One of our highlights: flooring ready to lay from our good quality attic boards or from re-sawn antique beams.

Other oak products

Other oak products >>

Apart from a small but fine selection of front doors and interior doors, we also stock oak weller-timbers, shingles and parquet flooring.

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